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Silver Lotus Flower Candle Holder, Tea Light Holder, Aluminum

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This lotus flower candle holder is an updated version of the rest lotus candle holders in the shop. The petals have a new, flat edge giving the look of more organic flower petals.

The polished silver of the scale petals gives off a shimmering reflection when the candle is lit.

The base is a stainless steel chainmaille ring that is flexible, yet strong. It can be displayed and used in 3 different positions; raised in the Lotus Blossom position, left flat with the petals pointing upwards or flipped over in a Sunflower position.

When in the Lotus position, the candle holder measures 2 inches wide and 1 inch high. When left flat, either face up or down, it measures 3 inches wide and 1/2 inch high.

There is no solid base to this holder so use caution when burning the candle and place the holder on a heat safe surface or candle plate. The metal also gets hot when burning candles so let the holder cool off after use before moving it.

A white, unscented tea light candle is included. If you prefer to not have open flames, LED battery operated tea light candle fits perfectly.

  • One (1) flat edged sliver lotus flower candle holder
  • One (1) unscented, white tea light candle
  • Printed instructions for changing the candle and raising the holder up to the Lotus Position
  • Cotton lined gift box tied with a black ribbon

  • Three (3) different ways to display; raised in the Lotus Position, flat in a Sunflower Position, flipped over for a different Sunflower Position
  • Hand made base of stainless steel

  • Measures 2 inches wide and 1 inch high when in the Lotus Position
  • Measures 3 inches wide and .5 inch high when in the Sunflower Position
  • There is no solid bottom so a heat safe plate is recommended