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Roundmaille Chain Bracelet, Aluminum Chainmaille, Nickel Free, 6-9 Inches

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This round maille chain bracelet is a perfect fit for anyone. The sleek design is great for all day wear or for just an evening out on the town. The bracelet's width is just under .5 of an inch so it will not be bulky or restricting when worn.

The chain is made with anodized aluminum in either silver, black ice or black(shown). Aluminum is a light weight metal that is comfortable for all day wear. It is also very easy to clean. When needed, wash in warm water with a mild soap and the bracelet will look brand new again.

The stainless steel magnetic clasp is perfect for bracelets as it just takes one hand to clasp. No need for an extra pair of hands when getting ready.

Both the aluminum and the stainless steel are nickel free.

1: Measure wrist with a flexible measuring tape. If you don't have one, use a piece of paper and mark with a pen and measure.
2: Decide how you want your bracelet to fit
Snug Fit: add 1/4-1/2 inch
Comfort Fit: add 3/4-1 inch
Loose Fit: add 1 1/4 inch